VOX Mac小巧的音乐播放器



VOX Mac小巧的音乐播放器 已通过小编安装运行测试 100%可以使用。
Vox是一款轻量级音乐播放软件,支持 FLAC, MP3, AAC, Musepack 等诸多常见格式。软件功能精悍,自带均衡器、可视化、渲染效果等,虽不支持播放列表,却可使用当前文件目录下所有音频文件列表提供上一首/下一首。Vox甚至还提供类 windows 的菜单栏控制按钮,非常方便。
What’s New
Version 2.6.1:
Fixed crash in Soundcloud stream for some users
Fixed some Loop uploading issues
Some UI and usability fixes
Fixed bug with artworks for local tracks
Fixed some interface issues.
Successfully migrated to new official SoundCloud API
Fixed bug with parsing YouTube playlists
Fixed bugs with album separating when parsing iTunes library, improved compatibility with new iTunes versions
Fixed various issues with audio engine
Fixed crashes and minor UI bugs.

Added Japanese localization 


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